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SIGNS, etc. FROM AROUND THE WORLD What made us giggle or scratch our heads

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

1) "NO DURIANS ALLOWED" At our hotel in Krabi, Thailand - Discrimination against stinky Durians is a REAL problem.

2) At the entrance of Phra Nang Cave, at Railay Beach, Krabi. Only the correct phallus will do. No balls please. Also, flowers, not soda.

Phra Nang Cave Temple, Krabi

3) "Benign Girl", what every kid wants. Coming soon: Benign Girl's arch nemesis, "Malignant girl"?

4) Dress code for entering temples. Where is the men's dress code?! (Chiang Mai, Thailand)


6) A sign in South Korea about a serious offense with a not-so-intimidating cartoon policeman that will arrest you. Sad that they have to put this in the washroom.

7) "Simplicity Descending Lfe Line" - We found this kit in our hotel room in Busan, South Korea. (We were on the 5th floor). Never did figure out where we should attach it too.

8) At the local barber in Chiang Mai, where Owen got a $3 CAD haircut. Which cut did he get?

9) Thai Visa Extension Sample forms, with TONY STARK, aka Ironman.

10) Vietnamese Parking Rule #3 - Never hurts to add a friendly reminder not to defecate in the parking areas. Below, sign found at ECOPARK HANOI.

11) At Central Plaza Mall, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Some genius came up with this catchy phrase for a bubble tea place.

12) Squirt guns

13) Japanese toilet instructions. Also, why there is no shortage of toilet paper in most of Asia when a pandemic hits!

At the bottom, "Absorbs odor with increased suction power."

Thai toilet instructions, aka "How to Use a Bum Gun."

14) In Busan, South Korea. I love BS.

15) Even cool guys get messy sometimes...

16) Toy vending machine in Busan, South Korea. Huh?

17) Bathroom sign somewhere along our cross-Canada drive.

18) "Push pus" No thanks.

19) "Gorgeousbaber Stain" hat (Busan, Korea)

20) Restaurant billboard (Busan, South Korea).

"A place to feel good at anytime, with whoever."

21) At a high end furniture store. Busan, Korea

22) A Japanese product in a Korean grocery store. This model is workin' it though.

23) At a tourist shop in Busan, South Korea.

24) We don't recommend trying the fried rice with crap.

25) At the market in Luang Prabang. Appropriate COVID-19 fashion.

26) Luxury Boutique store in Hanoi, Vietnam. Best place to get some fashionable dungarees.

27) When you are craving for chocolate chip cookies and the actual cookie only has a single chocolate chip.

28) Knock-off toys (slideshow - click on arrow to the right)

29) Proper etiquette is strictly enforced at this temple in Vietnam. No strutting allowed!

30) A T-shirt at a market in Vietnam. WHAT?!?!?!?!?

31) How they park in Hanoi, Vietnam. Cars were also parked on either side of both cars.

32) Posters in a Buddhist temple in Vietnam. The sin on the left and the karmic punishment on the right. Though that guy with the broom guitar doesn't look that miserable.

Stay tuned...more to be added...!

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