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  • Peter Scott & Monica Kong

KENTUCKY- ALLEYNE Provincial Park, B.C.

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

The weather was extremely unstable for our first camping trip, changing every 5-20 mins for 4 days straight. We got glorious sunshine one moment, thundershowers the next, and pretty much everything in between. It kept us on our toes, but we came (mostly) prepared. As one of the few tenters of the campground though, we did have a slight case of RV ENVY on our last night of torrential downpour. Nights were also much colder than expected, even in late June. But, it didn't stop us from having a pretty sweet time for our first stop!

Molly taking a cold dip...


1) PADDLEBOARDING: The water was a bit too cold for swimming but it was perfect for paddleboarding! The colour on a sunny day was a tropical turquoise blue, with fine white sand underneath. You could even see the occasional fish swim by! When it wasn't pouring rain, the lake was as still as glass in the early mornings and evenings, idyllic for a peaceful paddle surrounded by beautiful nature.

Paddleboarding on clear blue water

Taking advantage of the sunshine while it lasted....

2) HIKING: With ominous clouds constantly looming over us, we spent a lot of time debating whether to take the kids for a hike with the risk of sudden rain or just stay put at our site and wait for better weather. Luckily we took a chance right after a big downpour and went on a short, very easy 4km hike around Kentucky Lake. Not only did we stay dry, but we were rewarded by beautiful views of the lake from the other side.

Views from our hike

3) BIKE RIDES: Coming from city living, allowing our young kids the freedom to go ride their bikes on their own is one of the things we love about camping. We didn't do too much bike riding due to weather, but enough to keep the kids entertained on their own once in a while. The paved, relatively flat roads with minimal traffic near our site was perfect for leisurely cycling.

NOTE: Site #4 on Kentucky Lake and Site #58 on Alleyne Lake were our favorite for privacy, size and proximity to beach.

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