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Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Spaland, Busan with my daughter

Well, it wasn't just any day. It was my birthday. In my 20's, I kept a streak going for 8 years of spending my birthday away from home, either out of the province, or out of the country. That was my idea of the best birthday. School, pregnancy and kids in my 30's stopped that streak dead in its tracks. And here I am now, on my 40th in Busan, starting a new tradition: TRY SOMETHING THAT YOU HAVE NEVER DONE BEFORE on your birthday.

So, with Busan, South Korea, being our first stop in our long term travels with kids, I chose to go to SPA LAND. It just so happens to be inside the Guinness Book of World Records' Largest Department Store, Shinsegae Centum City. Easily accessible by subway, from where we were in Haeundae Beach, as the station, Centum City, is connected to the mall.

Shinsegae Department Store, Busan, South Korea
Spa Land is on the first floor. There is an information desk, as seen in red, who can direct you to the right place.

Spa Land isn't your typical North American spa where you go get facials and a massage. Public bathhouses ("jjimjibang" 찜질방 ) exist in every corner of the country and are a big part of Korean culture. You can go solo, but it's generally a social or a family outing. It involves soaking up in hot tubs of varying temperatures, and aggressively exfoliating every nook and cranny of your body, all the while being head to toe, completely BARE.

Word-famous Spaland, Busan, South Korea

If someone had suggested I try a bathhouse in my 20's, my body-conscious self would have defiantly said, "NO WAY!" In my 30's, it would have been a pondering, "maybe" followed by lots of excuses to ultimately avoid it. But now, as a mama of 2, turning 40, with my daughter as my trusty companion, I've finally conjured up my inner Korean confidence to JUST GO WITH IT.

Thank goodness for step-by-step instructions for bathhouse virgins...

Spaland Busan's Etiquette pamphlet

Busan's Spa Land user tips pamphlet
Helpful etiquette for first-timers

In Busan, Spa Land is the mother of all bathhouses. It has 18 tubs with temperatures ranging from 20 to 43 degrees Celsius, 13 themed saunas, an outdoor foot spa, a quiet relaxation room with tv's and massage chairs, a couple of cafes, a restaurant, and the list goes on. The bath area is gender-segregated, but the rest is unisex, where couples, families and friends hang out in matching spa uniforms and somehow magically wrap their hand towel into cute Princess Leia buns on their heads. How and why, is still a mystery to me.

Spa Land towel headwear and uniform
The FORCE is strong in Spa Land
Spaland, Busan, South Korea
The meticulously clean corridors of Spa Land

Kids 7 and up are allowed in. After a quick mother-daughter pep talk on "playing it cool", "not staring, pointing or laughing", we went in to the spa, hand in hand, pretending like we were pros at this. Molly, almost 8, was at the perfect age...old enough to quietly enjoy the experience, but not old enough to really care being naked in front of strangers yet. I LOVE that she didn't hesitate to come with me! I admit, she was kind of my buffer in the buff, as she often gets more attention looking less korean than me.

Foot bath in Spa Land with kids, Busan
In the outdoor foot spa, donning her kid-sized, comfy spa pj's

It's easy to spot the first-timer tourists giggling and awkwardly trying to cover their privates with the small hand towel they are given at the entrance. However, the local Korean ladies, of all ages, shapes and sizes, strut their stuff without batting an eye. Spa Land is a tourist destination, so even though the koreans don't care to look at you, other tourists probably will. Less chance of being stared at if go to a more local neighbourhood bathhouse than Spa Land!

Best spa in Korea, Spaland, Busan
We paid $13,000 W for 1 child, $17,000 W for 1 adult: 30,000 Won (~$33 cdn) for both of us, which gives you 4 hours in Spa Land. More $ on weekends, and extra for food, massages, scrubs, drinks, etc.

We had the BEST time, and came out feeling refreshed, and rejuvenated. We finished off with a mango Bingsu, a delicious frozen dessert with lots of fresh fruit, shaved ice, mochi and ice cream. One of Molly's favorite korean things to eat. YUM!!

Delicious Mango Bingsu, Spa Land
Mango is Molly's favorite!
Bingsu Brain-freeze
Mango Bingsu in Spa Land, Busan, South Korea
All done!

I wish I could say I would totally feel comfortable going to a jjimjilbang with friends, co-workers or other family members, but I'm not there yet. Maybe when I turn 50? For now, Molly was the perfect companion to take and I couldn't have asked for a more memorable birthday in Busan.

For more photos and details on Spa Land and its claimed healing properties, this is the best link I could find, as Spa Land itself doesn't seem to have a website. Click on the photo below and look for 360 degrees VR photos and videos.

Link to Spa Land information, photos and videos

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