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  • Peter Scott & Monica Kong

BUSAN, SOUTH KOREA with KIDS: Travel Video


We stayed in Busan for one month with our kids, from Sept 16 to Oct 15, 2019. A beautiful, bustling metropolis stuck between the mountains and the ocean, Busan has it all.

The video begins at Haeundae Beach, where we were based. There is so much to see and do here, with kids or without. We went swimming in the warm water of the Pacific Ocean, had fun on some amazing PLAYGROUNDS, enjoyed the lively scene on the main drag, Gunam Ro, and of course, devoured all the delicious street food the city has to offer. The SEA LIFE AQUARIUM, which is right on the beach, was one of the highlight for the kids.

Nestled amongst the hustle and bustle, there are tranquil BUDDHIST TEMPLES, and HIKING TRAILS that will take you through forested valleys, up mountains and waterfalls.

As seen on the video, throughout the city, we indulged in an incredible variety of mouth-watering KOREAN FOOD, that, if given the chance, will satisfy most discerning palates.

We also visited GAMCHEON CULTURAL VILLAGE, with its' colourful buildings, street art installations, and maze-like alleys on the steep mountain sides.

One of the kids' favorite outings was BUSAN CITIZEN'S PARK, which had an impressive collection of playground structures.

Another highlight was taking the cable car to the top of the mountain where trails will take you to the remains of the GEUMJEONG MOUNTAIN FORTRESS and past temples to breathtaking, panoramic views of the city.

The video ends with a look at the BUSAN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL building and a stop at GWANGALLI BEACH.

It's worth noting that Busan has short, inexpensive flights to nearby Jeju Island, as well as neighbouring Japan, with ferries that can take you to Fukuoka and OSAKA.

I hope this will inspire people to consider travelling to the dynamic, beachfront city of Busan, when international travel resumes.

Location: Busan, South Korea

Camera Gear: Samsung S9

Editing Software: Filmora Wondershare

Music: Canon in D - Re-imagined by Crunchy-P

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